The technology behind the Thrombus Innovation Award 1st Prize

Amtec V3

The Award Winning DVT Screening Device

The Amtec V3 is a portable DVT screening device developed by Amtec Medical Limited. It is a simple, fast and non-invasive test, which is used as part of a DVT pathway to safely screen patients with suspected Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Circa 85% of patients who present with a suspected DVT don't actually have one. The Amtec V3 detects disruptions in venous blood flow and, used in conjunction with clinical risk scoring (Wells), the Amtec V3 enables a hospital, DVT clinic or Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to quickly and safely screen and discharge the majority of query DVT patients.

Using the Amtec V3 offers a genuine step-change in the process and cost of query DVT screening and diagnosis in both primary and secondary care. Such a service took the First Prize award at the national Thrombus Innovation Awards in February 2014.


DVT Assessment Video

Consultant Haematologist Dr Andrew Hughes

Advantages of Amtec V3

Why include it in your DVT Pathway?
  1. Quickly assess query DVT patients
  2. Get an objective and reliable result in 10 minutes
  3. Fast, non-invasive test
  4. Portable, convenient and patient-friendly
  5. Significant savings in DVT management costs
  6. Reduce ultrasound referrals for query DVT patients
  7. Free up ultrasound resources
  8. Avoid risk and cost of unnecessary anticoagulation